Welcome at "Villas El Encanto" an exotic Boutique Hotel in Cozumel

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Villas El Encanto Boutique Hotel Cozumel

Garden Villas El Encanto

Is an ideal place to find harmony for body and mind in a luxury exotic enviroment. Our villas are surounded by a lush garden with jungle, birds, trees, plants and flowers. A beautiful one-of-a-kind Boutique Hotel in Cozumel.

Villas El Encanto

8 room´s with private bathrooms and balcony, swimming pool, and one private pool + 2 fully equipped apartments in 3 villas including a Mexican design boutique situated in the reception.

Owner Ana Lilia Martin welcomes you to have a look and a coffee in her Boutique Hotel .

Book your boutique rooms online via the button Boutique Hotel online or send us a direct message to our Boutique Hotel Cozumel.

Location in Cozumel

Boutique Hotel location
A wonderful Boutique Hotel in the
best location on the safest island
in the Caribbean, Cozumel Mexico.
Just two blocks away of the ocean
in the best residential area.

Villas El Encanto
calle 21 Sur No. 44
corner Av. 5
Quintana Roo
77663 Cozumel, Mexico
+52 987 86 90008

Call direct/US
phone number: (214) 7167 283

Recreation aerea and pool

Hotel pool

Enjoy our pleasantly fresh swimming pool in the center
of our lush garden where ourMayanpalapasupplies our guests
with fresh
air and shade.

Especially refreshing in hot Cozumel summer days.

  • open everyday from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm
  • We do not have lifeguard service
  • Swimming pool towels are available

This area can be used for smaller events like birthday partys, family reunions or barbecue evenings

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